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Retracing To Recover Your Health

By Dr. Bernarr, D.C. D.D.

Retracing To Recover Your Health

Must you get sicker, to get well? Retracing: A chronic disease must be “retraced”, step by step, to reach the point from which it started, namely health. “Retracing” is not particular to certain ill people or certain illnesses, but a common condition to which we are all subject. The time element in the healing process is always questioned. If a disease has been in progress for several years and has reached a maximum degree of abnormality, recovery cannot be expected in a. few days.

Recover your Health, You Reawaken, and Re-express

If you are sick for a long time, to recover your health, you must reawaken and re-express old pains or symptoms you had on the way from your good health to your disease. This is part of the healing process. This is the course of restoration from disease back to health. All disease is self-limited. If the disease is suppressed by whatever means, one either accommodates to it or dies.

The initial disease, acute, lasts minutes, hours, days, or weeks. The suppressed disease becomes chronic, i.e. lasts months, years, or a lifetime. The initial fight against acute disease is a reaction of the body to excrete bodily toxins. Concomitant with this reaction of the body to the acute disease, the sick person will get various subjective, conscious symptoms. The acute symptoms will be pain, abnormally contracted muscles causing immobility, heat, redness, and swelling. The acutely sick persons should lie down, keep their bodies inactive, keep their eyes closed and concentrate, meditate, think on, keep their minds on their pain and discomfort till their pain and distress completely disappear, eat no food, drink only as much water as thirst demands and sleep all they can. If sick persons do this, their acute diseases will completely disappear.

If they suppress these acute symptoms, they develop chronic diseases or die. To get well from one’s chronic disease, one must make one’s chronic disease one’s acute disease again. To get well from one’s chronic disease, one must develop one’s acute disease symptoms again. To recover from chronic disease, the chronically sick person must do whatever the acutely ill person must do to get well. To recover from chronic disease, you must re-experience the same symptoms you had when you had the corresponding acute disease. This is called “retracing”. Eventually, your suppressed acute disease developed into your chronic disease. (See what acutely sick persons do, above.)

Ill people going through a particularly intense “retracing” period may feel as though they had a serious relapse or are getting worse. The sick person may even exhibit symptoms that have not been manifested for months or even years. As it takes time to reach a diseased state, it also takes time for the “retracing” period. Acute diseases respond rapidly, while chronic cases of long-standing are slower in response. Do not get discouraged, because good health can be achieved.

Some abnormalities show an extensive involvement of tissue, while others show very little. In some diseases, scientists have never determined what tissues are involved or in what way they are altered. When a sick person is suffering from a disease, there is an abnormality in the function of the tissue. When there is an involvement of tissue and the structure of that tissue has become abnormal, the tissue must “retrace” the various steps through which it passed. It “retraces” these various steps it passed, in assuming its abnormal condition, to regain health.

This can be seen by various skin eruptions, where the tissue gradually becomes abnormal. The skin returns through the steps it has covered in its appearance until it becomes normal. This is true of tissues, in the body, which is not visible and for abnormally contracted muscles. As all abnormalities try to return to their normal state and tone, an entire series of’ symptoms may develop at one time, and the sick person may believe he or she is getting worse. The outlook is particularly bright at this time and sick persons should be made to realize this fact.

If they do not understand the condition, they will assume they are becoming worse and discontinue natural hygiene entirely. In the natural hygiene state, the body will be in the “retracing” process, gathering up all the poisons in the body. It will send them on to the various excretory organs and ducts for elimination. As vitality continues to return the poisons will be excreted at a faster rate and more efficiently. One may experience various aches, become stiffer, and perhaps feel weaker. But this condition is temporary. It is an indication that the body is responding to the healing process.

This is the very time to continue with natural hygiene. All results obtained will be conducive to the return of normal and vital health. This is indicated when all adverse symptoms subside and bodily functions return to normal. The “retracing” process is then complete. Then, one should live and follow natural hygiene principles and experience continuing good health.