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Researchers estimate that up to 15 million Americans have a food sensitivity or allergy. Food Sensitivity Testing with a Qualified Nutritionist is the first step for many on their path to optimal health. Identify your sensitivities to achieve wellness. At Denver Nutrition, LLC, we prefer using Precision Point Diagnostics for Food Sensitivity Testing. Precision Point Diagnostics Lab provides the most current up-to-date technology for testing via a serum blood draw test to identify food and chemical sensitivities.

Food Sensitivity Testing – What’s the Precision Point Diagnostics Labs Story? by Dr. Cheryl Burdette, ND President and Director of Education of Precision Point Diagnostics.

The birth of Precision Point Diagnostics Labs, formerly Dunwoody Labs, came out of a clinical need for certain styles of profiles that were not currently on the market. As a practitioner, I work in a well-established integrative clinic, Progressive Medical that embraces functional medicine as a cornerstone of providing optimal wellness. However, there were parts that we felt were missing. The ways that we felt we could improve the clinical picture. It is well known that many Food Sensitivity tests exist in academia or a research setting but will lag in commercial availability. Our goal was to move the research into clinical practice. Also, capitalize on the rich world of highly predictive biomarkers.

Food Sensitivity Testing – Health is not only about Blocking a Disease

As much of health care, today is directed at defining a disease process and blocking it. Precision Point Diagnostics saw the need to evaluate systems in the body. Simply detect chinks in the armor and provide the knowledge to practitioners to reinforce them. We recognize the health of the overall system in the context in which a disease is expressed. Health is not only about blocking a disease but also about strengthening our overall health so the system is more resistant to the progression or initiation of a condition.

Food Sensitivity Testing Kits – We have Been Testing Since 2009

We have been providing diagnostic tests just since 2009, but the analytes and profiles that we bring to the market come with thousands of published papers. This is because we have contracted with those who had developed the methodology so that we could quickly bring published markers to physicians. An example is a marker known as oxidized LDL, which is one of the most predictive biomarkers for heart disease. We collaborated with a company in Sweden that had been running the market for over a decade. We chose it because of the over 200 studies done on this specific methodology. It is through strategic structuring we can lift from the research and bring it to clinical practice.

Food Sensitivity Testing Helps Identify a Root Cause

If we can improve our ability to identify a root cause in prevention and disease management, we can speed the path to recovery and augment prevention. Our latest profile is the “Gut Triad” and I believe it focuses us on some of the major reasons for disease. The Gut Triad combines the three major reasons for dysbiosis into one profile. The gut is either irritated from bugs, foods, or an inability to clear histamine. This profile combines stool culture, food sensitivity c3d/IgG testing as well as diamine oxidases, the enzyme that degrades histamine, and Zonulin, a marker specific to gut permeability.

What to Expect from Food Sensitivity Testing

All tests include interpretation and nutrition consultation, based on test results. Once you place your testing order, you will receive an email requesting additional information. This information is necessary to place your Lab testing order (e.g., your date of birth). You will also receive a link to download and complete a Lifestyle Assessment Form with general health information. Once we have received your information, we will ship your test kit. Your test kit and requisition document will arrive approximately 2 business days after you have completed and submitted all necessary information.

Why Choose the Precision Point Diagnostics Food Sensitivity Testing?

This is a BLOOD TEST:

The Precision Point Diagnostics Dietary Antigen and Environmental Allergen Exposure Profiles are the only test on the market that measures both IgG and immune complexes containing the complement fragment complement (C3d), for multiple food antigens and reports it. Random serum samples were measured for dietary allergen-specific immunoglobulin using the Dietary Antigen and Environmental Allergen Exposure Profiles.

WHAT Allergens are tested?

Dietary Antigen and Environmental Allergen Exposure Profiles are optimized for the semi-quantitative measurement of human immunoglobulins IgA, IgE, IgG, IgG4, and IgM in serum samples using an indirect ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay). The system also is capable of detecting immune complexes that contain the complement markers C3D or C1q. Removing allergenic foods based on these results dramatically decreased those food reactions in 30 subjects and was confirmed in follow-up tests.

See a sample report here.

Dietary Antigen Complete Report Sample

588-C (Complete Dietary Antigen Testing)  (Serum)

Order Local Appointment Here: $525.00
The test includes a local in-person office appointment.

Order with Phone Consult Here: $525.00
The test includes phone consult follow-up for telehealth or long-distance appointments.

This blood test includes:

  • 588G Dietary Antigen-Specific IgG with Complement (Serum)
    A panel of 88 dietary antigens that are probed for specific IgG molecules and a complement marker.
  • 588E Dietary Antigen-Specific IgE/IgG4 (Serum)
    A panel of 88 dietary antigens is probed for specific IgE and IgG4 molecules.


I do not participate in or accept any private insurance. I do not provide super bills and cannot assist with claim resolution for laboratory tests or consultations.

Testing Refund and Cancellation Policy

We take testing seriously and we want to help you with your testing success. Please be certain that you are ready to follow through with the testing. It is a wise and informative investment.

  • There is a $75 processing fee for all canceled tests.
  • Shipping fees will not be refunded.
  • You must cancel within 30 days of placing your order.
  • Sorry, no refund after 30 days.
  • You must cancel before the specimen collection.

List of 88 Foods and Additives Measured by the Precision Point Diagnostics Food Panel

See a sample report here: Dietary Antigen Complete Report Sample

In addition to common allergens, our other profiles will also measure molds and other environmental allergens.

Please note: I am not a doctor. I am a Nutrition Therapy Master. I use food therapy to approach most chronic diseases and conditions; including obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, depression, and gut diseases. I also use a variety of supplements and subtle energy tools to assist, along with food.

Everything here is my opinion and is provided for educational purposes.

You are responsible for your health, and the consequences of whatever healthcare decisions you make. Are you ready to work with a nutritionist to help you make better food choices? Call me for a FREE 20-minute phone consultation to see how we could address your health challenges and make positive changes with real food.

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