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Debbie Allen, founder of Denver Nutrition, LLC is a Functional Nutritionist. Debbie utilizes the principles of holistic nutrition therapy, which is truly natural healing and wellness; utilizing food as medicine. She is a Certified Nutrition Therapist Master, Mind Body Eating Coach, and a member of the National Association of Certified Holistic Health Practitioners.

What Can A Functional Nutritionist Do For You?
I invite you to peruse my website and learn more about proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle tips. A healthy lifestyle can be a fun journey.

Eating right and being physically active isn’t just a “diet” or a “program”.

These are the KEYS to a healthy lifestyle. Debbie works with individuals who have a genuine motivation to become healthier through diet and lifestyle changes. With Nutrition Therapy, Debbie will provide you with ongoing, individualized dietary plans and nutritional education based on your goals and food preferences to make the process easy and fun, while integrating the use of whole-natural foods.


Nutritional Therapy vs. Drug Therapy

Home Let Food Be Thy MedicineWe routinely hear that asthma, acne, acid reflux, allergies, arthritis, herpes, irritable bowel syndrome, and many more have nothing to do with diet. Ha! This is simply not true. Doctors are trained as experts in prescribing and monitoring the risks and effectiveness of medications. Most doctors typically have little or no expertise in using nutrition as their primary modality of treatment. They are biased in favor of their method of treatment (drugs) and do not have broad experience or training in motivating patients and utilizing nutritional and lifestyle interventions.

Good health begins with taking responsibility for our bodies.
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