Personal Chef Service

Healthful, home-cooked meals – without any of the work!

What is a personal chef?

Personal Chef Service with a Chef Hat, whisk and cooking potOur chef service is created to prepare meals uniquely designed for you and your family. A special diet or even your unique and healthful tastes can be addressed. Your nutritional health needs can be managed by a personal chef. We will cook these meals in your home kitchen on a weekly, monthly, or as-needed basis.

What is the difference between a personal chef service and a caterer?

A personal chef prepares and serves food items in the client’s home. A caterer prepares the food at a separate location and brings meals to the client’s home. The process of preparing food directly in the client’s home allows for a more intimate experience for the client and their guests.

What is the difference between a personal chef and a private chef?

A personal chef works for clients on an as-needed basis. Private chefs work exclusively for one client, preparing meals daily, in their homes.

Who needs a personal chef?

Alkaline vegetable saladMany of us are time-starved and live busy and sometimes hectic or chaotic lives. Our whole food personal chef service will help bring you and your loved ones back around the table for nutritious wholesome meals.

  • Crazy busy families
  • People with dietary restrictions, food allergies, or learning to follow a new diet
  • Professionals with no time to cook
  • People who can’t cook or don’t like to cook
  • Recovering fast food/carry-out addicts
  • Cancer patients, transplant patients, and those just released from the hospital and unable to cook for themselves
  • People with specific health issues and restrictive diets due to heart health, diabetes, bariatric surgery, etc.
  • Seniors, bachelors, new moms with no time to cook
  • Meal delivery service customers want more customized menus
  • Tired of standing in line for a table at restaurants

How it works:

Personal Chef Services - provides slicing cucumbers in your kitchen.We can chat on the phone or meet in person for a free consultation. This way we can determine your dietary preferences and develop a customized meal plan. As a whole food personal chef service, we focus on using the highest quality ingredients. Specifically nutrient-dense, preservative-free, fresh, organic, local, and seasonal produce and meat.


We will also discuss the frequency of service and take a quick tour of your kitchen.

This initial assessment will allow the chef to create a customized menu based on your individual needs. After you are presented with a personalized menu plan, a weekly (or one-time) cooking appointment is scheduled. Your chef will grocery shop on the day of service and prepare the meals in your own home. In addition, properly package and store food with easy reheating instructions, and tidy up the kitchen. Your kitchen and home will be filled with the delightful aroma of home-cooked food.

What will my groceries cost?

Grocery shopping cart with vegetables and fruits on supermarket background.This is your choice. I shop at the grocery store of your choice and cook what you like. While one store may be a bit pricier than another and ribeye steaks usually cost more than chicken, I’ve gotten pretty good at balancing menus and keeping clients’ grocery bills in line with their budgets.


Are you ready to hire a personal chef service? Give me a call. I am ready to cook for you!

Contact Information:

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Ph: 319-208-1929

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