Food Diary Can Change Your Health 

Food diary journaling is the first step in changing your health and wellness.

Food Diary

When YOU track what you eat, the diary provides a conscious understanding to document what you are eating. Many studies have shown that people who keep track of what they eat on paper, in an app, or some other record, have better success at losing weight, managing their diet, controlling their portions, and sticking to healthy habits.

Eating Patterns Emerge

You may start to see some patterns emerge regarding why you are eating when you do, increasing awareness and assisting behavior change. Recording what you eat can assist the nutritionist in creating meal plans that include food that you enjoy, instead of guessing.

Optimum Health is MORE than Diet and Exercise

Diet and exercise are only part of the equation when it comes to eating healthier and losing weight. The rest is in your head, and for many people, that’s where the real battle is won or lost. To keep your head in the right place, consider keeping a food diary, or a regular log of what you’ve eaten and when. We don’t mean counting calories either (although that can be helpful too.) The simple act of recording your meals forces you to think about what you ate when you ate them, and how large your portions were.

Do your best at recording your food, water, elimination, moods, etc.

How do I do that? There are many options. Find out which one is easiest for you.

Food Diary Options

Food DiaryFood Diary (Handwritten) Easy does it. DOWNLOAD this form, or simply write it down on paper, in a notebook, or whatever works for you.


Food Diary Mobile Apps

Both of these are mobile apps for your smartphone, as well as an online tool. They are especially handy for on-the-go diet planning and tracking. Please fill it out before our initial consultation. Do the best you can. A 7-day record is awesome!

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My Fitness Pal


My Fitness Pal LogoFit Day Food Diary



Keeping a food diary can serve as a reminder about nutrition goals. Drinking enough water or having a balanced amount of fat/protein/carb servings for the day. A diary or journal helps you stay on track.

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