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FAQ – What services do you offer?

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Denver Nutrition, LLC offers individualized holistic-based nutrition coaching. Individuals benefit from a personalized approach offered in wellness packages. Meal planning, food sensitivity testing, recipe suggestions, and consistent accountability are a few of the most popular services clients seek.

FAQ – Why work with a Nutritionist?

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Nutrition: Many people are learning that chemical-laden medications don’t work. Have you been to several doctors doing medical tests to be told that everything is normal? However, that is not how you feel. Is this you? If so, I can relate! If you struggle with digestive health issues like indigestion, IBS, reflux, and heartburn, I would love to work with you. I have been through digestive issues of my own and am grateful for dietary changes to help me. During our sessions, you will receive a personalized health plan, a supplement protocol (if needed), and healthy lifestyle recommendations. I work with you to support your dietary and lifestyle changes to help you reach your goals.

**Nutritionists do not diagnose or treat disease. We advise individuals, families, and groups
on how to improve diet, lifestyle, and attitude to prevent disease and promote health.**

What is a Functional Nutritionist?

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Functional means that I offer a client-centered, science-based approach that empowers patients and practitioners to work together. We work to address the underlying causes of disease and promote optimal wellness. Instead of simply looking at “symptoms”, as a functional nutritionist, we try to get to the root of the health challenge. Food allergy and sensitivity testing are a great start to investigate you and only you. What is chemically out of balance in your unique body? What foods does your body desire? We recommend interventions to help restore balance by addressing factors such as nutrition, movement, stress, sleep, and relationships. All encompass optimal wellness.

FAQ – What is a Certified Nutrition Therapist Master?

Mostly an expert in healthful food and diet. In general, we assist people with their nutrition and wellness needs. Certified Nutrition Therapist Master coach with a holistic approach to health. We must meet rigorous standards of performance, including passing a Comprehensive Certification Exam and maintaining a code of ethics.

The focus is on the individual.

We help clients improve their health and prevent disease. A Nutritionist relies on the ODA (Optimum Daily Allowance) which is quite different than the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance). Research indicates that most people’s nutrient needs are well more than the RDA. Nutritionists are educated in vitamin toxicity and their dangerous interactions. Most diseases, as well as the need to take drugs for the disease, can be prevented through nutrition.

FAQ – What does nutrition coaching include?

Before scheduling your initial consultation, I will need a little paperwork including your health history with your signed payment, cancellation policy, and nutrition assessment form (complete with your detailed food journal). In addition to those items, I kindly ask that you bring an optimistic attitude and a willingness to be open and detailed about your wellness goals. From there we will work together to create a plan to help you meet your goals.

What is a Holistic Approach?

The term “holistic” is a popular word these days. Holistic nutrition involves considering the person as a whole, and not just individual symptoms. A holistic approach includes the physical, emotional, chemical, and mental health; as well as spiritual and environmental aspects of one’s life and body. Clients are educated in whole food nutrition, utilizing food as medicine to build health and reduce the risk of disease. Each person is a unique individual. Every healthful food plan is tailored to your specific needs.

Do I have to learn how to cook to eat right and feel better?

Of course not! Denver Nutrition, LLC shows you shortcuts to learn how to cook or improve your cooking. I also share many resources for local restaurants and food delivery services. These services offer whole food choices, as well as clean and safe. I also teach cooking lessons right in your kitchen if you are ready to learn. I can promise fun and healthy tasty food. Be sure to ask me about that!

What are the payment options?

Currently, we use PayPal and Square to accept most major credit card payments. Paypal is very popular and currently the largest Internet credit card processor. You do NOT need an account with PayPal to use them either. If you use PayPal, they will accept your payment via your checking account, AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa. Square provides an alternative secure service for customers who prefer a payment method other than PayPal.

Do you take insurance?

No. Denver Nutrition, LLC services are not covered by insurance. Filing insurance claims can be complicated and require additional personnel. I can keep my fees low and fair without using insurance.

Will I restrict your food choices or suggest a diet?

I do not believe in fad dieting or eliminating whole food groups. There may be some instances in which your food sensitivities or health issues require you to reduce or eliminate some foods. Other than that, I tend to not prescribe diets. I will encourage you to take a look at your eating behaviors as a whole. I may suggest small changes that can greatly impact your health in the long run.


How long will my appointments be?

Initial visits are 60 minutes; follow-up visits are 30-60 minutes.

Who is this perfect for?

This service is perfect for anyone who has received a referral from their primary care doctor to receive nutrition therapy services in the treatment of a particular health diagnosis (diabetes, hypertension, food allergies, etc.) OR for anyone who may be seeking more support with food and nutrition.

What will happen at my appointment?

In our first session, we will review your current dietary intake, food choices, health history, exercise, and recent lab work, and discuss all current nutritional concerns. We will also discuss your relationship with food and explore any challenges to health and wellness you may have experienced in the past. You will leave the first visit with short and long-term goals established, recommendations for blood work if needed, referrals to other outpatient providers, and possible homework for our next session. We will provide all of these recommendations to you in an organized folder for your safekeeping and may also send email links to help support you between sessions.

What is the process of booking an appointment?

We will get as many details from you before the appointment to best meet your needs. Visits are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. We understand the urgency of your need to see a nutritionist and strive to ensure all new clients are met as soon as possible. I hope that your questions are answered here by my FAQ page.

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We believe that FOOD is Medicine and Medicine is FOOD.

Hippocrates laid down the foundations for modern medicine in Greece in 400 BC: “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” He believed the human body had an innate capacity for self-healing. “First, do no harm…let thy food be thy medicine.” His “Hippocratic Oath” is still recited by health practitioners today. Are you ready to learn more about whole food wellness? Then, you have found the right place! Nothing tastes better than food to provide freedom from pain and live in abundant health. Please contact us with any questions.

Hope, Healing, and Wellness

Debbie believes that healthful eating is within the reach of everyone. We recognize that nutritional and dietary challenges are a challenge with advertising commercials and billboards that tell us otherwise. We work closely with each individual to help develop a healthier, more intuitive, and more sustainable relationship with food. Are you ready to make a difference in your food choices today? If you would like to email Debbie, complete the contact form below, and please note that we can schedule appointments only by phone.


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