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Be Well Be Safe – Virus Prevention Tips

COVID-19 is very scary for all of us right now – all around the world.

Debbie Allen with face mask March 2020As a nutritionist for many years, I want to share prevention ideas that we are using in our home in quarantine right now. The Flu is typically a mild virus in a lot of people, but can also cause severe disease and death in others. The flu may exacerbate existing chronic conditions, particularly among older adults, which can lead to complications and death. Also, see more links below from fellow practitioners that are sharing common-sense information. Since there is still a lot of unknown factors, we all need to to help each other make good rational and helpful decisions.

Eat Well to Be Well – Food as Medicine, Medicine as Food

First of all, now we have time to cook what we want to cook at home. Since we are quarantined, dust off that favorite cookbook and cook some food for you and your family. Here are a few ideas to keep nutrition in check with your recipe choices.

1. Eat a (raw) salad with every meal: This is good insurance to receive the food-based enzymes to naturally break down carbs, fats, and protein.

2. Reduce grains and sugars in your daily diet. Most grains are GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) Eating organic produce will provide the best nourishment to stay well and healthy.

3. Eat Organic produce, grass-fed meats, wild-caught fish. Studies show that organic produce has between 18% and 65% more antioxidant compounds than conventional produce. The difference amounts to the antioxidant content of one or two of the five portions of fruits recommended for daily consumption. Organic produce has more polyphenols since in the absence of pesticides, these compounds protect the plants against attacks from insects and pests. Polyphenols are abundant micronutrients in some foods that have been proven to keep degenerative diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease, at bay. They have powerful antioxidant properties that stop oxidative stress from resulting in disease.

4. Eat healthy fats: Including olive oil, coconut and coconut oil, avocados, raw nuts and seeds.

Additional Lifestyle Options

5. Get the right amount of exercise..When you exercise you increase your circulation and the blood flow throughout your body. The components of your immune system are also better circulated. This means your immune system has a better chance of fighting an illness before it has the opportunity to spread.

7. Avoid smoking and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. Smoking adds to respiratory challenges. Alcohol is a poison.

8. Address your emotional challenges. Relaxation, meditation.

This may seem like some to be a simple option to stay well and healthy. Meeting with a nutritionist on a regular basis may help you stay on track, as well. Give me a call. I always have the option for phone and zoom meetings that may be helpful for you to stay on track during this quarantine period.

Additional references:

All these are simple ways to prevent, within means of most households, and certainly much
less painful than to wait in long queues outside public hospitals.

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