Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets with Girl wearing face moisture mask with cucumbers over her eyes.

Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets

Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets

While you can’t turn back time, try some of my suggestions here for your anti-aging beauty secrets. You can still fight the signs of aging with diet and chemical-free skincare options. Eating right, proper exercise and sunshine can make all the difference for a lifetime of feeling and looking young.

Anti-Aging Nutrients

Anti-aging beuaty secrets can be found in leafy greens and vegetablesYour diet is a choice you make 2-3 times every day. Make this your initial input towards skincare.

Download my Anti-aging menu plan to help you get started on a healthy meal plan to stay on track

Chem Free Skin Care

Your skincare products are your second line of defense. Did you now that almost all skincare products contain petroleum-based ingredients? How does petroleum work in your precious body? Our bodies cannot dispose of this foreign object. Please do not apply to your precious body.

Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets using Essential Oils

Anti-aging with essential oilsThe natural power of essential oils, which is basically the “blood of the plant” revitalizes skin for a more radiant you. Therapeutic-grade essential oils have 4 unique features that help to make them especially potent for supporting health. Their molecules are so small that they pass easily through our skin. Essential oils spread out through the entire body within half an hour.


Why Use Therapeutic-Grade Essential oils?

Therapeutic-grade oils can pass the blood-brain barrier and can, therefore, help with neurological issues. Through the olfactory nerve, they go directly to the brain where they affect our major “command centers” (e.g. release of hormones, relaxation, sleep, eating, emotions…). Here are a few of my favorite oils and how I use them.


Cedarwood has long been used as a beneficial ingredient in cosmetic preparations for oily skin.
Lavender may be used to soothe and cleanse common cuts, bruises, and skin irritations.
Lemon has been widely used in skincare to cleanse the skin and reduce wrinkles. It helps brighten pale, dull complexions and remove dead skin cells. Just smelling lemon oil helps clear the mind, improve memory, and boost energy level.
Orange is rich in the powerful antioxidant d-limonene and aids in maintaining normal cellular regeneration.
Peppermint is one of the most useful essential oils. The cooling effect of peppermint is from the presence of menthol. It promotes blood flow and helps awaken your skin. Inhale to soothe a headache, apply to cool a fever.

Restoring Skin

Frankincense helps to nourish, tone and re-hydrate the skin.

Anti-aging Skin Care. Closeup Of Beautiful Smiling Woman Receiving Essential Oil Therapy

Moisturizing Skin and Body

Clary Sage gentle scent helps dry skin as a moisturizer.
Frankincense has moisturizing and lubricating properties.
Jasmine softens and moisturizes skin, with a romantic aroma.
Lavender Essential Oil
Myrrh Essential Oil
Patchouli Essential Oil
Rose Essential Oil
Sandalwood Essential Oil

Refining Skin Care

Frankincense Essential Oil
Geranium Essential Oil
Helichrysum Essential Oil
Lavender Essential Oil
Rose Essential Oil
Neroli Essential Oil

General Health

  • Clove and Thyme oil: Researchers at the University of Cairo discovered that clove and thyme oil drastically slowed fatty acid oxidation (rancidity) Only 0.12% of thyme oil or 0.24% clove oil added to linoleic acid doubles its shelf life. The unique synergistic relationship of essential oils and essential fatty acids has the potential to unleash profound health benefits.

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